If I were acting like the United States, and you did this to me, I would not punch you back immediately. Nor would I wonder why it is you want to cause me harm, or what sort of measures I could take to keep you from punching me again, though I might rifle through a few other people in the line's bag in the name of security.

I would instead get several large friends, and we would all arm ourselves to the teeth. We would then find a house we didn't like. It might be the house you live in, but that would not be the most important thing to us. We would then threaten to destroy the house if the people in the house did not give you to us to exact justice upon. Claims that you did not live there would be ignored, as would offers for your parents to punish you themselves. We would then proceed to shoot the hell out of the house, even if the house had been leveled previously and was nothing but a foundation. We'd try to aim for people we don't like, but we're notoriously bad shots.

On the plus side, if your little brother ran out of the house screaming, we'd give him a sandwich, so perhaps some good would come of it.

Of course, were it me in the above situation, and a retired Navy Chief started punching me I would certainly not start hitting back; I would run away and hide, or perhaps call for the police. Navy Chiefs usually have a lot more hand to hand training then me, but I can probably run faster then a retired one.

Sometimes the better part of valor is more important...