There is almost always more than one e2god or Content Editor on. We have a messaging system that lets us broadcast msgs to the whole group. We are well organized, fanatically devoted Gurkha troops. We have very tiny brains but the best interests of e2 and the users at heart. We don't often agree with each other, but we agree about that.

The April Fool's Day prank was discussed and planned. Caveats were issued (including by myself).

Many users rose to the defence of e2, including yourself and Nanosecond. Thank you.

If we're not around, we probably are but cloaked. (I see admin people.) If we are not noticing what's going on (in Chatterbox for example) just msg a few of us. The mighty and fearless dannye is almost always here. He is a force for good. I'm usually in and out. Demeter is a good one to contact. knifegirl, of course.

So. Who you gonna call? Just check the Power Structure of Everything2.

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