Yes! Good things, good things in abundance, all you could ask! They're working on perpetual motion, sensibly enough, and they've got a generator where you put five Watts in and get a hundred Watts out. They're located in Houston, Texas, USA, and they're planning to expand to a new museum and research facility outside town on I-30, just as soon as they can scrape up the funding to make it happen.

They've got the E.V. Gray electric motor, too, which "requires no fuel and produces no waste" because it "runs on the principle of electro-magnetic transformation"1. Its eponymous inventor died at his home in California under mysterious circumstances (following an unfortunate misunderstanding with some investors) and foul play is more than just suspected (though the police are suspiciously unsuspicious, if you get my meaning, and a lot of public records about the man seem to have... disappeared). It's a shame about Ed Gray, but some prototypes of his invention did survive and are now in the hands of the good folks at KeelyNet. There have been other mysterious deaths associated with the motor, but KeelyNet is undeterred.

They've also got some great material on "Condensing & polarizing aether"2 (that's the aether that outer space is full of, not the ether Hunter S. Thompson was into), "accounts of shifting to other realities", room-temperature superconductors, "Altering gravity using 'diallel field' lines", "Giant Light-Harvesting Molecules", "Self Designed Alien Circuitry", "structured water", and of course "Chaos Converters".

To hell with Popular Science; this is the real stuff.

Some days I love America more than others, and this is a "more" day. Whoa! This is a great country in some ways, you know that?



I want to thank discofever for mentioning KeelyNet in his Coral Castle writeup, without which I would never have known.