Bullshit Fatigue is a syndrome that takes hold in the minds of people who are usually patient, but who have been subjected to a long course of infantile tantrums, gratuitously disruptive "acting out" bullshit, and childish attention-getting behavior. Bullshit Fatigue only happens if the actor-out is somebody who's bright enough to know better, and old enough to be acting like a responsible adult already. With children or idiots, we are patient, because idiots and children are like that and part of being an adult is keeping them in hand. When it's an adult doing the acting out, it's different. We will eventually reach a limit. When we hit that limit and are driven beyond it, we become exhausted and angry. That anger and exhaustion is called "bullshit fatigue".

When we experience bullshit fatigue, we begin to look around for a brick to smack somebody up-side the head with.

Don't ask me how I know.