A story of insomnia, 'net addiction and E2 newbies

I do remember sleep, back in the day when I had some. I don't know yet whether my splurge of writing in E2 is cause or effect, but I'm certainly not getting enough! I'm tired and cranky, and I'm feeling my age for once. It's worse today, because I had a phantom burglar, and had to get up and creep round the house with my Mag-Lite to reassure myself that there wasn't anyone there really. Of course, getting back into bed, I then couldn't sleep!

So what else? Well, the ntl cable service died for a couple of hours yesterday, and after over an hour on the phone, they still couldn't tell me what was happening. So it was back to the old 56K modem until, as if by magic, the service returned, quickly followed by an orgy of downloading.

Then there was this morning. A newbie (I shall not name and shame) was dropping his write-ups into the gel as fast as they could be deleted - the first of which was his sordid tale of 24 hours of masturbation. of course, helpful as ever, I dropped him a /msg. No reply. The second write-up appears, another message, more silence. A pattern developed, and I realise that this newbie may have switched off the chatterbox! What to do? New Writeups was getting fuller and fuller. I posted a new writeup, calling him by name to read his inbox, /msg me... Well, it worked. Quick as a flash, into Noder's Nursery he went, Lord Brawl in with him. Problem solved. For a time. (This is not a new idea, I've seen it before - from dannye, I think.)

It did set me thinking though - now this happens quite a lot, someone goes on his newbie noding spree, and doesn't repond to messages, often because they have switched off the chatterbox! So why not, I thought, have a Level 1 noder unable to switch off the incoming messages. At least that takes some of the problems away - contact is easier, provided they don't ignore 'em.

So now I ready myself to pop out, to meet WyldWind, who is coming up from London to go to Rock City (best club in Nottingham). And another excuse to get no sleep...