"The wonders of the human body revealed!"
"From skin to skeleton!"

The Visible Man was also an anatomy toy from the '60s -- a 15" model of a man with transparent skin. The idea was to teach kids about the body -- muscles, organs, skeleton -- by having them assemble the man (yes, it came with instructions, written by "medical authorities"). I think you also had to paint the muscles and organs yourself. I never owned one myself, but I'm guessing it didn't get, uh, too anatomically correct.

Originally sold by Renwal circa 1959, the kit has been rereleased multiple times by another company called Revell. I can't find many references to the toy on the Web (other than on eBay), which leads me to believe it's out of print again.

"Visible Man" also shows up a few places in music ...
  • As mentioned by mimewars, it’s a 1998 album of remixes from David Byrne's Feelings album. Limited to 5,000 copies.
  • It's a bit obscure, but ... saxophonist Tim Berne wrote a suite called "The Visible Man," commissioned by the ROVA Saxophone Quartet. And it's awesome!
  • "Visible Man" is a song by The dB's, written by Peter Holsapple. It's notable to my own E2 experience because of the song's chorus:

    I am Joe's heart
    I am Joe's hand
    I am Joe's lung
    ... which I didn't understand until encountering the I am Joe's... node, which has a nice set of explanations.