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Wedge Antilles of course is the true hero of the original Star Wars trilogy, regardless of what you've heard about Luke "Farm Boy" Skywalker. I actually noticed him in the first Star Wars film in 1977 and joked that they'd use him in the sequel. Lo and behold, they did... and all my friends became believers. .....

My real-life name is Craig. I write for a living and have an obsession for randomness and obscurity -- hence, the attraction to Everything.

Since late 2001, I haven't been noding much, as the new baby in my (our) life is taking up what used to be E2 time. But I'm still here ... drop me a note; it might be a couple of weeks before I respond, but I'd love to hear from you.

The joy of factual noding

Most of my nodes are factual nodes; that's just the kind of stuff I enjoy doing. I enjoy the research, and I fully subscribe to the Node What You Don't Know philosophy. Good example of how rewarding that can be: The Tabitha Soren node, which I'd started just to fill because it was a nodeshell. By the end, I had a lot more respect for her, and even came to some conclusions I'd never thought about before. I'm on Everything to chase that kind of experience.

btw, my 1999 nodes suck -- they're from E1, which had a limit on length, and there wasn't an Everything University then -- or i was too lame to find it. I've got plans to flesh out many of them (Tim Berne especially). Other complaint: I write way too many TV nodes, just because TV is/was too big a part of my life.

Some of the nodes I wanna tackle (but I'd love to see you do them first and save me the work): Rotisserie Baseball; The Martian Chronicles; Paul Auster (how can there be no Paul Auster writeup?!?!?!); Lee Iacocca; Ken Vandermark; Clear Channel.

Project: I've devised a format for a writeup of the NCAA basketball tournament, just need to learn the details of how the teams are picked and what the schedule is (I never paid enough attention to the early rounds to remember what goes on there). If you're Level 5+, feel free to browse it on my scratch pad ... any comments are welcome.

Proud member of The Content Rescue Team.

September 9, 2001: woo hoo! Level 4!
Wait a minute... "You need 99 more writeups to earn level 5." Aaaaargh!