What: A Browser Race is a game my friends and I created in high school, around 1995-1996. We still play occasionally, and every so often I introduce the idea to others.

Players: The game is best suited for 2 players, but any range from 0-i will work. i players would be tricky to organize, and 0 players isn't too fun. 1 player work is usually prone to cheating, 2 is good for communication, I personally have played with up to 5 people at one time. The game is indended for 2 player simultaneous play, but it can also be timed with a stopwatch to be turn-based or for record-setting-runs.

Required:: You need a web browser, preferably a graphical one with a mouse, but text-browsers are also allowable with some concession to the rules. You will also need an active internet connection.

Objective: Be the first to cross the finish line! It's that easy.

Setup: Setup is easy. Contact your playmates and pick a website to start your browser at. This is the starting line. This website should be scouted out at first to determine the skill level. It is generally a good idea to pick a random address that no     one knows - such as "DontDoDrugs.Com" or "WhereAreMySocks.Com". For an easy game, pick "Yahoo.Com" or "MSN.Com."

Now pick a finish line. This is the fun part. I have used such things as "a picture of a Colt Vista (car)," "an anime fan site," or "linux.com." Note that the starting line and finishing line determine the skill level required to win the race, and the time involve - going from dontdodrugs.com to linux.com - two completely different and irrelevant topics - may take a while. Adjust to taste.

Rules: The number one rule is no keyboard. That means no typing into search engines, no typing URL's into your address bar, no cutting and pasting. The main idea is to use the left-mouse-button exclusively to surf your way from the starting line to the finish line. No right-clicking to cut 'n' paste, no cheating!

Tips: When playing more difficult games, look for "this site is best viewed with MSIE"-type-links, as they will eventually take you to sites like Yahoo or MSN - giant clickable databases of everything. If the game is too easy or you are completing races too quickly, try making the finish line a picture of something rare - such as dirty dishes... as opposed to a general website. I once played a 2 hour game - it was very frustrating to say the least.