Hmm. Yesterday sent me a letter saying my poem has been entered into their book. It looks like I will be (once again) published! I am also eligible for the grand prize, yadda yadda yadda, but probably only if I pre-order a thousand books. Check out my poem at a previously noded place here.

I still haven't quit my job. My job sucks so much, but... I think my boss knows I want to quit. He's giving me a cell phone, yesterday I got an even bigger office than I had before, and within a month I might get exclusive use of the company car. I also get a title upgrade from "Executive Assistant" to "General Manager."

Though my job is bad for my health, and my wallet, and my future careers, these small material labels are enticing me to stay.

The new job I had lined up at an airplane hanger doing maintenance half-fell through. He was supposed to contact me a week ago but he's "a little busy" and will call me back ASAP. That was 5 days ago.

I wish I was a teenager so I could partake in some good old fashioned teen angst.