Update on wombat-socho:

Following application of several airstrike grade medications, Dad's doing a lot better. I expect to see a daylog from him soonish: in lieu of that, since he's on a Southwest Airlines flight back home, or otherwise on his way through security kabuki at MSP, you get to hear from my smiling face.

Turns out staph and strep colonized Dad's leg. The VA folks hooked him up with some new processed honey stuff for the wounds in his legs, and gave him some OxyContin for the pain. Somewhere in there, the chaplain and possibly some monks and nuns visited. I'm told there was no dancing bear. I am told, however, that the processed honey is apparently some kind of new wonder drug capable of reducing wound scars and infections to something exceedingly minimal.

I guess my garden's going to have a lot of honeybee attracting plants in it this summer...

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