Mudheads such as myself and my classmate face oppression from people who refer to all MUD's as "MUD." While clearly showing the ignorance that many have regarding the more-beautiful-than life hobby, it is nonetheless hazardous. How is it hazardous? Well, today during school I was hacking and slashing through pedestrians happily leveling up, when an evil came upon me. This evil, known as "Ronnie," proceeded to close my MUD client just as my party had reached the end of a street. "Playing MUD again?" he inquired. I corrected him by replying, "No, it's actually one invididual MUD. It is call Materia Magica and it is very addictive." Almost needless to say, dumb people never learn. There is no evil, of course, but I think stupidity is the closest thing to it. Maybe we should rise up against the threat? Mudheads, let us unite!