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Hi! Thanks for visiting me here! It's not much, but it's home...

I try to make all my nodes interesting & useful, but these are the most important to me:

  • I tried to make "Lupe Velez" the kind of thing I'd hope for someone to write about me if anything like that happened to me.
  • "Nothing" is about a song. It has lyrics in it - but it's not just a "lyrics writeup." I tried to share a tiny bit of the feeling of real love I get when I listen to that song.
  • I guess I got just a little political in my "girly" writeup. Usually I stay away from politics. That doesn't mean I never think about the future. Maybe I can't change the world. Maybe I can only do little things to help make life better for people. I just hope this is one of those things.

thank you for being, and for writing and knowing and saying what you do,

maybe not all of it but some of it =),

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