When was the last time you were immortal?

For me, it was when I was about 30 and rode my cruiser through the Austin streets at all hours of the day and night.

My cruiser is a 24-inch Kuwahara with a chrome plated frame, yellow handlebars and seat post, Campagnolo wide-flange hubs, a nice sealed bottom bracket, and 180mm cranks. I can't do any tricks except hop curbs, but I was FAST and could keep up with anybody.

I was also invisible.

When you are riding downtown, at night, on a bike that's stripped down to the basics, with NO REFLECTORS and no lights, how do you keep from being smushed flat by the next careless drunk that shares the road with you? You tell yourself, "I am invisible," and get the hell out of the way. Trust no-one.

So that's what immortality means to me: flying through the city on wheels, feeling strong and capable of evading every danger, grinning joyously.