I am invisible because:

on any given work day downtown I don't look that different from everyone else...

people only see what they want to see, and they don't seem to want to see the real me.

executives don't seem to give notice to people who are lower on the business food chain then themselves.

I'm "just a receptionist".

I don't affect things in an obvious way.

because I'm different.

Not to be confused with, "I'm invincible!", which is normally followed by a loud gagging sound and the liquidy gush of bile juices, dinner, and jug-'o-wine being released from someone's head.

No, I am invisible due to the fact I spread myself so thinly, rarely does anyone have the chance to know me. I always seem to leave and move on just when things could get interesting. Or people I enjoy being in the company of, suddenly don't have the time of day for me anymore.

I'm not bitter, I would like visibilty on occasion, that's all. Besides, are we not all slightly invisible on the 'puter, even on Everything?

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