USS Intrepid CV-11/CVA-11/CVS-11

  • Displacement: 27,100 tons
  • Length: 872 feet
  • Width: 28 feet 6 inches
  • Speed: 33 knots
  • Complement: 3448
  • Armament: Twelve 5" guns, 68 40mm guns, 82 aircraft
  • Propulsion: 150,000 SHP Steam powered, 4 screws.
  • Note: Specifications are for WWII, Intrepid underwent several refittings throughout her history.

The fourth USS Intrepid is an Essex class aircraft carrier. Work began on the Intrepid on 1 December, 1941 in Newport News, VA. She was commissioned on August 16, 1943 to Captain Thomas L. Sprague. Intrepid served in the Pacific theater for almost 4 years. In 1944, after being struck by a torpedo, her rudder jammed. The crew managed to get on course to make repairs with the help of a large sail improvised from scraps of canvas. She was decomissioned in San Fransisco Bay on March 22, 1947.

In 1952, Intrepid was sent to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard for modernization. She was converted to an attack carrier, which included installation of steam catapults for launching planes. She was recommissioned for active duty in the Atlantic Fleet as the CVA-11 on October 15, 1954. She carried out 2 tours of duty in the Mediterranean before returning to New York Navy Yard for an overhaul in 1957. At this time, an angled flight deck was installed.

In 1962, Intrepid was reclassified as an Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) carrier, and her designation was changed to CVS-11. She served three tours of duty in Vietnam, and served as a recovery ship for the space program. She was decommissioned to reserve on March 15, 1974. In the late 70's, Intrepid was slated to be scrapped, but was saved by the efforts of Zachary Fisher. In August of 1982, the Intrepid was converted to the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum.

The Intrepid Museum is located at 40° 45' 52.7" N, 74° 0' 1" W-- that's Pier 86 at 46th street and 12th avenue in Manhattan, for all the landlubbers. By car, take the West Side Highway. If you don't notice the big gray aircraft carrier parked in the water, you can find it by looking for a misplaced McDonalds. By subway, you can take any train to Times Square, and walk some 5 blocks west. When you get to the boat, find a vet to show you around. They know things.

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