What an excruciatingly terrible dream.

An argument and hostility between my boyfriend and I. Somehow it escalates and escalates until we are attacking each other, and then a war breaks out between us. He besieges my house, kills my siblings. I am a warrior queen then with my family and tribe of amazons to protect. We fight hard and get bloody but we are victorious!

I am huge, bigger than my real-life 5'5". I have muscles and a booming laugh. My tribe and I parade up and down the dairy aisle at a conquered supermarket and I pick my consorts from the gaggle of pretty girls in my coterie.

Later I am plain old Eliza in a shopping mall, again with boyfriend. This time we do not fight, but wander the mall, climbing endless stairs until we are at some sort of high-up pinnacle. There is still the hostility between us, absent in real life. We do not like each other here.