Well, it appears that my summer vacation is finally coming to an end. I've had a job offer extended to me, and after the obligatory background check, I should be rejoining the workforce once again. I will miss sitting around in my pajamas at four in the afternoon. I will miss the complete lack of responsibility. I will not miss worrying about whether my unemployment check is going to show up.

This was the greatest summer in my life. It feels like a few months of lazing around shouldn't count for so much, but it does. For a large majority of the time I was stress free, mooching off my wife's paychecks while she encouraged me to do so. This is the last break I'll have in a long time, as next year I will be supporting both of us. I hope that, at some point in my life, I will be able to repay this summer of my wife. I've tried to explain it to her on several occasions, but I don't think that my feelings were properly conveyed.

Perhaps all of this will be a catalyst for a change in my relationship with my fat ass. My inactivity in the last few months has caused a natural and painfully successful weight gain. I'm not enormous, but it was enough that I can tell the difference. Commuting will certainly shave off a little, but perhaps now would be the time to start going to the gym again. I had a passing relationship with the Y last winter, and perhaps I could start that again.

And the smoking. The fucking smoking. Just when I think that's licked, it bites me in the face. I'm about as quit as a guy who smokes a few a day can be. There are patches in the house again, something I never thought would happen. Even as I'm sitting here typing this, my mind is outside smoking. I cannot let this urge throw me back where I was before. I'll work through this somehow, probably by sitting at a desk for hours at a time.

It's been stressful. I'm glad we're coming to the end.

This write-up may look like a daylog, but it is actually an attempt to start writing again up in here. Things need polishing, apparently.