This is a serious node. I am not joking.

I was born on February 29th, 1972. When I was born the doctor said that every four years, two things very bad would happen to me on one day. It has come true. Damn that doctor and his stupid joke. The following is what has happened to me every four years on a random day.

Birthday: Born with Jaundice/Heart Murmur
4 years old: Tonsillitus and broken arm
8 years old: Bike accident/concussion and grandma dies
12 years old: Throw up on the girl I liked and get pantsed in cafeteria
16 years old: Lose tickets to Michael Jackson concert and buy expensive scalped ones but they are fake
20 years old: Car breaks down in desert and gas tank expodes burning off all hair on my face and head
24 years old: Fiancee backs out of wedding (although eventually we did get married) and I get another concussion in car crash.

Now remember all of these pairs of things happened on one day each.

This year nothing like that has happened in one day and I think it's because 2000 isn't officially a leap year to make up for the calendar. I await the rest of the year.

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