Perhaps that has already happened to everyone but me, but it was the strangest thing.

I left my little pseudo-cubicle for my daily round of smoke-chinese food-smoke early due to the complete lack of any kind of managerial supervision in the office today. I gleefully step outside the office building into a blustery, below freezing, unbearable day. The first cigarette in five hours resting between my lips, hands in my pockets to keep them from freezing right the hell off. I move over into a sunbeam coming from between two buildings, hoping to sop some of it's glowy warmness.

And this is where things became weird. I saw the sun move. Kinda.

I was just standing there, minding my own business, when the sunbeam started to shift ever so slightly to the left. I moved over to get back into it, but within a few mere seconds, I found myself back in the shade. There was an outdoor ashtray a few feet in front of me, and I noticed that, if I stared long enough, I could actually see the shadow cast by the ashtray shift ever so slightly. I didn't think it was possible to visibly monitor the sun's progression across the sky without some fancy pants science equipment, yet there I was watching as I slowly slipped from sun to shadow in a short minute. I watched as the sidewalk faded from bright glow to darkness. It was the most surreal thing that I've ever seen.

I'll have to start taking my lunch breaks a little earlier.