• Let A be a set of sets where all subsets are composed of functionally isomorphic atoms1 (such as consumer goods).
  • Let M&M be an onto function from some set of sets, A, to a set that is a member of A (M&M(A) selects a default item in A).

Given a set of entities, E, if all members of E have ismorphic M&M functions (an acceptable standard), then every entity in E may signify the set M&M(A) to any other entity in E using the signifier for A.

NB: if some entities have differing brand loyalties, then their M&M functions will not be isomorphic, therefore brand loyalties remove the possibility of an acceptable standard, by definition.

1: I am very tempted to remove the restrictions concerning the nature of the subsets...

This is what I do with my 25/36ths of a Philosophy Degree.