Change is The Dismemberment Plans' fourth full release. As the title says, it is a change from the sound of older Plan albums. It has a considerably softer, "maturer" sound. Lead singer Travis Morrison's vocals sound better than ever though, and his lyrical style has changed for the better.

  1. Sentimental Man - 4:16
  2. The Face of the Earth - 4:46
  3. Superpowers - 4:48
  4. Pay for the Piano - 3:23
  5. Come Home - 5:05
  6. Secret Curse - 2:50
  7. Automatic - 4:16
  8. Following Through - 4:38
  9. Time Bomb - 4:24
  10. The Other Side - 3:45
  11. Ellen and Ben - 5:01

The album begins strongly with the Talking Heads influenced Sentimental Man and The Face of the Earth, a song about being picked up off the Earth by a vortex. The standout tracks come with Timebomb and The Other Side. Timebomb sounds like a track right off of Emergency and I, and the The Other Side shows off drummer Joe Easley's talents. Overall, Change is the perfect follow-up to Emergency and I and shows a change in the right direction for the Plan.