Strangely attractive movie featuring a bunch of cartoon shorts and insanely large breasted women. I enjoy it for the same reason that I enjoy movie trailers: the cartoons give us all the coolest stuff without any of the pocket fluff in-between. The different settings are implicit in that we don't know them and probably don't need to. The characters are flat and stereotypical, but interesting. At the roots, the movie's about as surreal and psychedelic as the early eighties could be. That is to say, it's irresistibly engaging if drunk or otherwise intoxicated.

There's some famous voices in it, including members of the cast of SCTV (John Candy and Eugene Levy). Not that you can tell, though. The sound quality in every version I've seen is quite poor.

Probably the coolest short (and the longest) is The Legend of Taarna, featuring a scantly clad kick ass female warrior. Last of her race, she fails to protect her peaceful allies from the barbarians and goes on a mission of vengeance. Actually, she fails pretty well at that, too. In the end, though, she lays the smack down on the barbarian ruler and all is put right in the world.

The whole thing is bizarre and abrupt, but pretty darn neat. I'm sure it's got a cult following out there somewhere.