A rather pretty little gem from an excellent film called Heavy Metal. The Loc-Nar is coveted by a great deal of people on great many worlds, the first being a certain young lady's father.

The gem opens the door to fantasy for a young lady after it kills her father. The young lady watches as the pretty little orb goes throughout the universe causing interesting acts, such as the return of the dead to partial life and quite a bit of murder. Eventually the Loc-Nar shows the young lady its own destruction at the hands of an interesting female warrior race, who ride birds, wear robes and skimpy little warrior women type outfits that most series produced by males have, and wield swords. It, needless to say, is destroyed where the lass that destroyed it dies through the process of its destruction. The young lady's hair turns a rather pretty silver, she mounts her own bird, and flies off.

Personally I wouldn't mind having a Loc-Nar of my own as they are rather pretty, if somewhat insidious and evil.

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