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I'm currently new to E2 and just starting to learn how to get around (as may have been noted by any of those who decided to read my bio previous to March 4, 2001) I'm currently still in school, although I won't name which one (thus the nice little blank).

I'm interested in physics and mathematics, although I just passed geometry (as of March 26), if you think I might know something though and want to know something, feel free to msg me.

I just found a computer that I'm going to fix up a bit, build a cooling system for, overclock a tad, and start running GNOME on, as I don't want to experiment on my rather nice computer with a naughty cooling fan (currently have one rigged up for it untill I can get the original repaired. If anyone has had similar problems with their HP Pavilion 9600 let me know.

Thanks for reading.

My code for those interested


Version 3.12

GC/E/MS>CS d+ s-: a--->? C++++ U>L++++ P+>++++ L+++++ E W++(--) N++ o? K- w>--- O?>+++ M-- V?>V PS PE Y+ PGP->++ t+@ 5+ X+ R+ tv b++>+++ DI D+ G>+++ E-@>+++++ h!*>++ r->+++ y--