Area:One is a new concert series sponsored by (ick) MTV. Its first stop is four days from today, July 11th, 2001, in Atlanta. I will be in attendance. It will have two stages, one for the actual "MTV" type artists, and a tent that will have all electronic music. I am going for the latter.

The lineup includes (big breath) Moby, Outkast, Paul Oakenfold, Incubus, New Order, The Roots, Nelly Furtado, Carl Cox, The Orb, Rinocerose, Timo Maas, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, And more. With the exception of Moby, all the electronic artists are in the tent. I don't understand how Moby got the big stage while Oakenfold did not.

You can check out the lineup, schedule, and everything else at If it is at all in your power to go to one of these shows, GO! You will not be disappointed. I will add a review of the show on the 12th.

Well, It's the 12th, around 4:00 in the afternoon, and I'm still recovering. The tent was well air-conditioned for the first set, when only 30ish people were in attendance, but once Cox was about to go on, the tent was stampeded. Other accounts said that the air-conditioning in the tent worked, but I was in the middle, towards the front, so I didn't feel any air at all. Nevertheless, I danced danced danced. Cox's set was good, despite some beatmatching mistakes early on, and he exceded his set time by over 30 mins. Oakenfold came on right after his 7:30 listed time, and tore the crowd up. His entire set was relatively new, despite being oriented towards his own label, perfecto. The most amazing thing about his set was the disreguard of the need for headphones during beatmatching, as he did several mixes without them complepely, and several with them as an afterthought. Moby's set sounded like his cd, but he did play southside with Nelly Furtado, a definite plus. All in all, a solid show, but the price was still a little steep.