Five Feet is a fantastically good restaurant in Laguna Beach California. The cuisine might be described as Chinese - French fusion seafood. The house specialty is a whole catfish but this doesn't adequately hint at the unique nature of the dishes. An example of the vast array of unlikely combinations offered is that it is entirely likely that you may find foie gras and chow mein together on your plate. The place is cramped and always crowded with irritating luxury convertible owners celebrating the purchase of local overpriced art.

Located at 328 Gleneyre St, just a few blocks east of the PCH, you should probably call - (949) 497-4955 - and make reservations to spend about $50 per person and another $50 if you would like a bottle of wine. The chef/owner Michael Kang is one of the top chefs in California and the wait staff, while still wishing you had bought the $100 bottle of wine, remain professional and competent at all times.

If you find yourself in nearby Aliso Viejo at a meeting with another soon-to-be-bankrupt Internet company and are in need of a reason to make the trip worthwhile then this is that reason.