The movie has some of the greatest quotes ever. As you can see from the nodes already in existance, all but one includes a quote from the movie without any provacation to do so.

Seems to be a popular hit with punks, possibly more so than with geeks.

Paperboy by Nine Lives is a punk rock song that includes the "I want my two dollars" quote. In fact I was listening to my Punk Uprisings volume 2 cd the morning after my friend introduced me to this movie...suddenly I heard "I want my two dollars!!" from the speakers.

There's another song called These are quotes from my favorite 80s movies, by Bouncing Souls(thanks broken77). Which of course includes quotes from Better Off Dead.

A few weeks ago I saw a flier for a punk show that had a band named Lane Meyer playing. Unfortunately I could not attend, although they clearly swiped the name from John Cusack's character in the movie.

  • Stalin: You'd make a fine little helper, what's your name?
    Charles Damar: Charles Damar
    Stalin: Shut up geek...what's your name (to cute girl)

  • Beth: Listen Lane, I think we should talk. We've been seeing a lot of each other lately, and I really think its in my best interest if I went out with someone more popular, better looking, drives a nicer car...

  • Lane: Gee, I'm real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky

  • Lane: Its funny, see, my mom had to leave early to take my brother to school and my dad to work cause ... see the problem here is my little brother this morning got his arm caught in the microwave and my grandmother dropped acid and she freakd out and hijacked a schoolbus full of penguins so its kind of a family crisis so .. come back later ok?

  • Charles: I've been going to this high school for seven years...I'm no dummy

  • Charles: People die down there! And dying when you're not really sick is really sick ya know! really!

  • Lane: Look Beth, I gotta go, my christmas tree is on fire (hangs up phone)