The mech in Virtual On with the up-close attacks: Vacuum cleaner and Egg beater

I'm serious! That's what they look like...
I forget what exactly we called ol' Bal...the maid I think. She's(for some reason I call it a she) a little fat purple 'bot, who's probably considered the worst/cheapest mech.

The cheapness comes from her flying arm attacks. 100% homing. There are several variations on it, depending on what action you're doing(jumping, crouching, dashing), but all consist of Bal's arms flying off, right on over to the opponent, and shooting them.

The cheapness of this move is negated against an experienced player. Not only does it drain all weapon power, but it can be evaded by a carefully timed dash. Which leaves poor Bal standing there defenseless for a short bit after you evade her attack.

His Ring Lasers are actually pretty neat-o. Rather than being a typical right trigger wave-of-weak-bullets attack, these can be used defensively. They will cancel out many opponent attacks they come in contact with. So you can spam these whenever being attacked, then launch your homing cheese in return.

I just played through single player as Bal Bas Bow and got a little better idea how to play her. The floating mines and ring lasers basically never run out -- you want to fire a steady stream of both. There should always be several mines homing after the player, plus your ring lasers flying about with reckless abandon. Both will cancel out most attacks they hit. The hand bits should be used whenever your opponent tries to hide behind an obstacle. You're basically covered, even in the open, with all those mines and rings blocking attacks. Eventually you'll whittle your opponents life down with the occasional mine or ring laser hitting them. Overwhelm them. That is all.

Although I've given Bal Bas Bow a good try, and figured out some uses for her, I still hate this mech. Seems to be a trend, eh DMan? What were they thinking... ::tsk tsk tsk::