The mech in Virtual On with the up-close attacks: Vacuum cleaner and Egg beater

I'm serious! That's what they look like...
I forget what exactly we called ol' Bal...the maid I think. She's(for some reason I call it a she) a little fat purple 'bot, who's probably considered the worst/cheapest mech.

The cheapness comes from her flying arm attacks. 100% homing. There are several variations on it, depending on what action you're doing(jumping, crouching, dashing), but all consist of Bal's arms flying off, right on over to the opponent, and shooting them.

The cheapness of this move is negated against an experienced player. Not only does it drain all weapon power, but it can be evaded by a carefully timed dash. Which leaves poor Bal standing there defenseless for a short bit after you evade her attack.

His Ring Lasers are actually pretty neat-o. Rather than being a typical right trigger wave-of-weak-bullets attack, these can be used defensively. They will cancel out many opponent attacks they come in contact with. So you can spam these whenever being attacked, then launch your homing cheese in return.

I just played through single player as Bal Bas Bow and got a little better idea how to play her. The floating mines and ring lasers basically never run out -- you want to fire a steady stream of both. There should always be several mines homing after the player, plus your ring lasers flying about with reckless abandon. Both will cancel out most attacks they hit. The hand bits should be used whenever your opponent tries to hide behind an obstacle. You're basically covered, even in the open, with all those mines and rings blocking attacks. Eventually you'll whittle your opponents life down with the occasional mine or ring laser hitting them. Overwhelm them. That is all.

Although I've given Bal Bas Bow a good try, and figured out some uses for her, I still hate this mech. Seems to be a trend, eh DMan? What were they thinking... ::tsk tsk tsk::
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Type: XBV-13-T11 (Experimental Battle Virtuaroid)
Height: 20.2m
Weight: 9.48t
Max. Gross Weight: 17.3t
Max. Power Output: 5480kw

Left Trigger - Homing Mines
Very annoying. I never use this mech, but facing a good opponent is very frustrating. These come out in packs of 4, slowly tracking the enemy. If you panic and dash immediately, you get killed. Bombs easily defeat these mines, but they recharge quickly so Bal Bas Bow can left loose wave after wave of this.

Right Trigger - Ring Laser
Like a laser, but it looks different. Functionally it is exactly like the Beam Rifle, except that you can fire it in three streams as well as a single wave. Again, I hate this mech so I don't know what to do with them.

Both Triggers - Handbit
Both of his arms shoot out, hover over the opponent, and sprays him with fire. Highly damaging, and it doesn't freeze you. But, with no arms, you can't block melee attacks. If you do this in the air, it acts as a kind of laser rain that is also very destructive. It is avoidable but it is difficult to launch attacks of your own against Bal Bas Bow due to him launching incessant waves of attacks.

Another aerial mech. Poor armor, but excellent air attacks combined with decent speed as well as a high "annoyance" factor, probably due to its idiotic look. Very poor close combat abilities (as ukyoCE mentions), trading melee hits with Temjin or Apharmd is not recommended. If you feel the need to use this mech, just use plenty of jump cancelling (pull sticks apart then together quickly) and keeping the opponent busy avoiding your mines and handbits while defeating their attacks with the Ring Laser, you will come out winning. I guess. Look in the internet for more resources.

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