This fun little means of wasting time beats melting crayons on the radiator any day. I suppose it would work with other flying insects like wasps or dragonflies, but I've never tried it and bees work well because they have lots of horsepower and they look cool.

  1. Capture a bee, but be careful, 'cause bees cause some people, like me, to... uhh... die.
  2. Place the bee in a ziploc bag and put it in the freezer or some other cold location.
  3. Check on the bee every minute or so and take it out after it has stopped moving
  4. Take a very thin length of thread and tie one end onto the junction between the thorax and abdomen of the bee. Be careful not to tear its wings.
  5. Wait for the bee to thaw out.
  6. Marvel at your ability to exploit the wonders of nature for your own amusement. Go take the bee on a walk or sick it on your enemies or something.
  7. If you actually don't want to send the bee to its grave just so you can save yourself from a few minutes of boredom, follow the previous steps in reverse to return nature to its original order.

Where did I get this idea, you ask? Just watch the skateboard video CKY2K.