The ElectroLuminescent Display is built on the same principle as electroluminescent backlight panels. To build an ELD you start with a substrate of plastic or glass. On this substrate you make thin parallel transparent electrodes(this can be made from indium tin oxide). Then commes a layer of phosphor. By using different phosphor compounds we can select the colour of this display. To make a multicolour display, we use phosphor with a red glow on one line, green on the next, then blue and so on. Over this a plastic layer with another set of electrodes is put. These electrodes are turned 90 degrees in relation to the one on the substrate. This makes a simple coloumn/row grid where any phosphor point can be selected. The whole assembly is then connected to proper driver electronics.

The ELD can operate in a wide temperature range and has low power consumption. Since ELDs are completely solid-state they have a good reliability. The Active Matrix ELD is a further development of this technology.