I know what i've been told. I listen, I understand. Can I ever know if it's the truth. You hide so much to spare my heart. My heart need not be spared, for a heart kept from what it yearns for is often a misguided one. Led astray from reality by dreams and desires... by love.

Things once said can never be taken back but things left unsaid linger for eternity with a power more hurtful and fierce than a thousand tortuous deaths.

It will never be as the heart desires if the mind cannot learn to accept and engage the future for what its worth.
The future is not the past, the past can be learned from.
Repeat not the parts which brought sadness to your soul. If you do then you did not learn from the past. If you choose to repeat nothing this does not mean you learned from the past. This means you fear the future for its resemblance to the past.
Don't make assumptions based on the past for they only bring pain and anguish.

Even if love escapes me for all of eternity let it be know that I have known of its power and through others have discovered it's wrath. Through others I have come to know of another power almost as strong as love... friendship. It can not replace love or mend damage done, but it can calm a broken heart and allow life to go on.