I saw the most amazing sunset today. In fact, this sunset was so unusual, that there were people standing out in the street taking photos! Let me see if I can describe the scene to you:

It had just finished raining and the rain clouds were grey, but high in the sky. With the recent rain washing away the dust, the urban landscape surrounding my College had that clean glistening look and a fresh clean smell to the air. As the sun sank behind a row of houses, the dying rays blazoned skyward and illuminated the clouds in colours that ranged from a fiery orange close to the horizon to a sunburnt orange straight above me. Gone was the greyness, replaced instead with rich saturated colour.

Imagine that you can't make out any distance in the sky, no perception of depth, a sky that has become two dimensional. It's as if someone has draped a screen in the sky and painted it orange - no cloud shapes, no birds, just a bright orange screen. Now bathe the urban landscape in shades of dull orange colour. No longer are there green leaves on trees, coloured cars zipping along the road, or red tiled roofs on the building. Instead, it's as if you are viewing the world through heavily tinted orange spectacles.

That was the sunset I saw tonight. How I wish I could have captured the scene for everyone at E2 to enjoy.

Even in urban spaces, Nature is indeed beautiful.