I am standing in my doorway. In the street outside there is a procession.

It seems to be a parade of a few children, leading a big, green, stuffed round thing. This green thing is a little ominous--it is moving under its own power, and is dragging tendril-like things. The overall impression is some large monocellular organism. I even have the feeling that it is god.

Someone behind me says to one of the children in the procession "Not everyone likes themusic you do."

This, as they turn towards us--and enter.

Inside the front room there is a record player, playing something I like. But the green thing is suddenly over it, absorbing it. This is frightening.

Next instant, the green thing is over in a corner, now not squat and fat, but tall and thin. It disappears. In its place, the children who were in the procession appear. They wander away.

The record player is now over there, higher, on a shelf. I go over to it. On the turntable is a kind of record, but on the face of it is a clock.