At some indefinite time, a malady affects humanity. Upon waking, it seems like vampirism, or something out of Invasion of the Body-Snatchers, though it felt different when dreaming.

It seemed to move across cities and countries, following a definite path, but still struck people unawares. They ceased to be themselves. They became part of a common will and purpose. But most important, their touch was transforming.

I, or someone like me, is in an unnamed city, trying to escape this calamity, and not doing such a bad job. Until I meet a person, or he seemed to be, but was changed by the plague. What I see seems now to be more a wire-figure, thick strands of red and blue wire fashioned to look like a person--and so strong.

He grabs me. We wrestle. Somehow, his touch doesn't inflect me immediately. I try to convince him he can become the ruler of this city--they never think of doing that, but go blindly about their unknown purpose. I beg him to spare me, and take over the city by infecting everyone himself, instead of letting the infection happen randomly--and let me go.

We struggle in some kind of balcony overlooking a mall, or marketplace. We are together back to back. Suddenly, I flip him over me, down to the mall. I suppose I had convinced him.

I am able to escape. I leave the city.

I see the city. The transformed people are gathered, paying homage to him. But not for long.

In three months, the plague has surrounded the city from other sources, and the common, unknown purpose has redirected the citizens of the city away from obedience to my opponent. I don't know what happened to him.