The End

*This written with the very end of the show in mind. It's also pretty free form as many changes can be made to add to the overall effect.*

*scene- one man on stage. As many people as you want off stage.*

Man: Well folks I'm sorry to say this is the end of the show. The cast for the final play are late so this is where we leave you. Goodbye.

*He walks off. There is a five second pause (or longer if the audience applaud) then the sound of stamping and running feet is heard. This entire section can be removed or added to depending on how you think the audience will react. My recommendation is to leave it- the surprise will work better.*

Actor 1 (behind scenes): SHIT! We're gonna be late!
2nd Actor: I told you we shouldn't have left to go drinking!
Actor: It's ok I think we've got enough time to reach the stage.

*Whatever is said as the time approaches the last few seconds the actors burst out on stage.*

Actor 1: We're just in-
*lights go out and there is a slight pause*
Actor 1: Shit.