I wrote 2, and couldn't choose between them:

1) My friend went to Trinity College Dublin, where her existence consisted of floating around the hallowed halls of the academic institution, being ineffective at her work and all the mundane elements of university life. Never broke, on account of her wealthy parents, her needs were simple: Plan every shopping expedition like a military operation, buy every girlie toy in sight, own everything chic and beautiful in the whole world, and then go to college wearing it.

2) As a child, Sister Magdalene taught me about The Trinity. My cynical young mind questioned the existence of such a thing, but the imposing institution of the Catholic Church tried to push my doubts aside. Ineffective and redundant as it may be in the modern world, Catholicism teaches that God is omnipotent; exists everywhere, even in the most mundane places, such as within a piece of broken bread. My priest believed this, and when he wasn't breaking bread, he would urge us, as parishioners: "Pray for the soul of X, the little boy, who needs an operation," - I used to think that any little boy in his right mind would rather we pray for toys.Everything about Church made me not want to go, and now I'm a grown up, I only go once a year. On Christmas Eve.