This is the genealogy of the programming language Perl:

Perl is a child of awk, sh, C, csh, Pascal and Basic.
Perl was first known as Perl 1.000 in year 1987.
It became Perl 2.000 in year 1988.
It became Perl 3.000 in year 1989.
It became Perl 4.000 in year 1991.
Then it begat Ruby in year 1993.
It became Perl 5.000 in year 1994.
Then it begat PHP in year 1995.
It became Perl 5.005_50 in year 1998.
It became Perl 5.6.0 in year 2000.
It became Perl 5.8.0 in year 2002, and has not changed much since that time.

If you cannot believe that Perl is a child of Basic or Pascal, read the Perl man page. Perl is also a child of sed, which has no entry here because sed is an editor, not a language.

This genealogy is brought to you by the Programming Languages Genealogy Project. Please send comments to thbz.