Denali, emo/alternative rock band from Richmond, VA, 2001 - Present

Denali (2002)

  1. French Mistake
  2. You File
  3. Lose Me
  4. Everybody Knows
  5. Prozac
  6. Relief
  7. Time Away
  8. Gunner
  9. Function
  10. Where I Landed

Jade Tree recording artist, Denali, began in April 2000 when Maura Davis approached her older brother and Engine Down singer/guitarist Keeley Davis with the idea of fleshing out some songs that she had been working on. Keeley enlisted the help of Engine Down bandmate and former Sleepytime Trio drummer Jonathan Fuller, and was followed shortly thereafter by guitarist Cameron DiNunzio, a longstanding member of Richmond's musical community. Together, these three gentlemen would help realize Maura's musical ideas - slowly forging them into what eventually became the body of songs that Denali performs presently.

The name Denali is taken from the Athapascan name for Alaska's Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America. The meaning is fairly obvious: cold, remotely desolate, permanent... something the band felt pertained rather well to the sound they were stumbling upon. What surprises most people about Denali is the fact that singer, multi-instrumentalist, and primary songwriter Maura Davis, is somewhat of a newcomer. Though Denali is her first formal project, it is through this blissful avoidance that she and the band manage to cut a fresh and heretofore untraveled path through the massive overgrowth of modern-day rock music.