Espionage/adventure novel written under the pseudonym "Carmichael Smith" by the great Lt. Col. Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger . It concerns the attempts of Paul Dugan, "the world's greatest spy" (one of PMAL's many self-portraits) to infiltrate the super-secret Soviet weapons lab/company town (sort of like Los Alamos on steroids). No James Bond, Dugan is portrayed as an empathic chameleon who can almost instantly adapt to the emotional and cultural aspects of his human environment -- perhaps a little less flashy than great weapons skills and super-gadgetry, but certainly more useful in information gathering -- plus a great deal of innate charm and diplomatic training. The use of the name on FLCL probably refers to the "chameleon" aspect of Dugan's character.

Out of print for many years, and hotly sought-after by collectors, it's now available on his daughter's website.