CampusI is an online vendor that targets college students at They mostly sell textbooks, but also deal in computers, movies, video games, CDs, and credit cards.

I have no clue if they're a good, trustworthy business or not.

I'm here to tell you not to use their email service ... or, if you do, to use it with caution.

They've got an online email service that lets you check your university email by simply putting in your email address and password. It looks like the script is the same as the one at (which is run by some dodgy people, including a former spam king, so I sure wouldn't use that service).

I do tech support at the university at which I attend school. For some reason, despite the fact that our university offers a perfectly good webmail service, a lot of undergrads use CampusI to check their email ... and a nontrivial number of them have gotten themselves over quota and end up losing important messages (and, ironically, not able to receive our replies about what's happened to their email if they don't have the sense to give us their telephone number or alternate email when they fill out a help form).

The problem is that CampusI makes you think you're seeing all your email when in fact you're only able to view a portion of it if your spool is big. And also, you may think you've deleted your email in CampusI when in fact they've gone undeleted and are still hanging around on the university's server taking up space.

To clear your email in Campusi, click on the MailFolder icon on the left-hand side of the window and then click "Empty" next to the link to the Trash mailbox. In order to make sure your university account does not exceed your quota, make sure that "While clearing Trash also delete these messages on POP Server..." is checked.