I can look at the glass- 
and see the someone I don't know - 
I never admit that I get tired of seeing the stranger
Who won't smile back when I scowl
or wave goodbye when I look over my shoulder- g'night.
He doesn't go away at the end of the day- 
or oversleep when I'm up early.

Only looks back in the mirror while I'm shaving -
Looks like you missed a spot, buddy.
Hey, no problem, just doin' my job.

He doesn't bitch about -  
the lines that I draw across his face-
year after year-
He doesn't have a problem with it at all.
Where does he go at night?
Hey, it's been a long day, buddy.
Get some sleep, you're lookin' tired.

He knows that the image I portray in my life
is finely tuned to the world

and he just watches the skin pry from the bone
he knows what's underneath - 
in my mind, in my soul- 
with a simple smile.
You can't change some things, can you?
Take a look at me, do I have a choice?

Who is this guy, anyway?
Why does he laugh sometimes at me?
What secrets does he know that I can't find?
I see him doing the things I do-
for different reasons-
with different motivations-
and I'm not sure if he even likes me back
but I think it might be interesting if we could have a brief exchange of words
and see if he really means it when he smiles back.