Salisbury is a very beautiful city in Wiltshire, England. It's officially considered a city because of the cathedral, but would otherwise rate only as a town. (In England, a Cathedral or University automatically makes a place a city.)

For young people, Salisbury can be a very boring place to live. The traditional conservative atmosphere that saturates the city can be very oppressive. There's not much entertainment other than a small Odeon cinema and a very tiny skate park which the city barely tolerates. There are plenty of pubs and bars, but the area around the city has a very high military presence. This means that of an evening, Salisbury is inundated with squaddies who are notoriously violent and unpleasant. Going out in Salisbury is only enjoyable with a group of male friends who will not attract unwanted attention.

For visitors, however, Salisbury is a wonderful place. It is picturesque and full of medieval architecture and pretty parks. It is located in a lovely part of England, very close to Stonehenge and other sites of historic interest. The Cathedral definitely requires a visit, although the surrounding museums can be skipped. The traditional market on a Tuesday and Saturday is worth a look.

As an additional note to the above writeup, I was always told in school that the fifth river to flow through Salisbury was the Till rather than the Ebble. Both are minor tributaries of larger rivers in the area, though it seems that the Till actually joins the others some distance outside of Salisbury itself. So much for education.