coming from one place the words come into that place
they take me from there and into my mind i go
wondering the wandering and wondering where to go next
as its been done before but who can tell you that?
lossssst its been a horrible pace to this ride this trip
rides are lonely when you sit alone alone alone is next to
nothing at all or something that isn't real and it is it was
meant to be this way or so whatever see your eyes
they turn towards the sky and up towards the sky the sky
goes crashing down and the stars shine like fire from closer
where they burn brighter which is enough is enough to flame
and ignite the wicks that are my clothes and i burn i burn
i burn like a candle in the dank of the basement and i lose my way
and it doesn't matter it doesn't how matter how much
i write i write about it i can't it won't i can't bring it back.

I Will Find You. Keep Looking.