I am at school. There is a student-produced show on campus called "Nude News" which features school and local news as reported by students in the nude. But the girls' hair is so long, it covers up their breasts, and they never stand up to do the weather or anything. In the dream, I figure this is how they are able to do a nude newscast and escape the censors.
The next thing I know I am outside at the school at a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion concert. A guy I know is there, among many other people, and we start to violently mosh, even though no one else is. While I am running into this fellow with all my might, I notice that instead of Jon Spencer yelling "The blues is number one!" he is yelling "Cheerleading is number one!" An example of some stuff he said in my dream-concert:
"I do not play no rock and roll! I play the blues! Cheerleading is number one! Ow! Right now! Ugh! Blues Explosion attack!"
I think I may have listened to a little more than my limit of music the night before.