An interesting and fun variation on grilled cheese is cheesebread. You can make this with any kind of cheese that you like, though I particularly recommend that processed crap Velveeta and the finer-but-greasier Swiss cheese.

Put slices of cheese on some pieces of bread, dust with Parmesan if desired, and nuke the suckers. I swear by this and it is a staple of my diet. Carnivores may also enjoy this recipe dusted with a light coating of bacon bits. And any kind of melted cheese ANYTHING is EXCELLENT with tomato soup, I must agree with Debbie on that.

For a fun morning snack for kidlets or even party yummies, you can cut the melty cheese into triangles (why does it taste better that way? No denying it does!) and serve in front of the Saturday morning cartoons like my mommy used to do.