I just accidentally ate a piece of tin foil.

Will it kill me?

No, I don't think so.

What if it does?

It won't.

That'll teach me eat homemade 7Up cake without checking to see if foil is still stuck to the bottom.

I found more foil stuck in my teeth.

At work today no one would listen to me. I needed help. No one came to help. I needed more supplies, immediately. The guy who said he'd bring them to me decided it wasn't important and took his time, having to be asked no less than five more times before he brought the supplies. I needed voided sales taken off my register. No one came to take them off. I needed to go home. No one would relieve me. I hate retail, and even more I hate irresponsible people.

I'd better start my editing career really soon, before this place drives me insane.

And I'm one of the perky ones. That's sad.

They fired the back room guy for calling in sick.

Really the reason was that the district manager didn't like butting heads with him over what color his hair could be. When he didn't see "no blue hair" in the dress code, he assumed he could dye his hair. She said he had to change it back. He told her to show him where in the manual it says that. She couldn't, because it doesn't, but she insisted that it falls under the umbrella term of "inappropriate." She didn't like getting challenged, so he got canned the second they had an excuse.

I hate upper management.

On the brighter side, I love my new Tenacious D CD. ROCK!