This is not a good week for me, but I am strangely happy. Maybe it's because Imbolc is coming up and I'm excited at the prospect of baking goodies and having a party. :)

Reason #1 that my week sucks: I got my first rejection slip from a magazine. I submitted for the first time to a science fiction and fantasy magazine, and I got rejected, but I really did expect that and am not particularly disappointed. It turns out I haven't written much good science fiction that is short enough to fit in a magazine. The short story is a neat one called "Mother's Day," about a boy who is cloned five hundred times and is alive four hundred and three years after his mother has died. He's visiting her memorial for Mother's Day and the story is mostly about him thinking on the ride there. Cool ideas, but the ending is weak. Or maybe I'm just a crappy writer, or was when I wrote it in 1999. Anyway, I'm planning to try again.

Reason #2 that my week sucks: I might get fired for something that is completely not my fault. I've been at the same job for a little over a year and a half, and the last two times we did inventory, our inventory has come up short. The first time it wasn't that big a deal. The second time it made our store a "high risk" store and security was tightened. Now we're going to have inventory again next week. And if we come up short for a third time, none of us who work there now are going to be working there. (Most will be transfered, but not me . . . since I've had the misfortune to be working there longer than most and this will be my third inventory that came up short, they will fire me as a security risk, because I might be causing the problem.)

Reason #3 that my week sucks: I work for AOL, and the forum I hosted for dropped its chat room and is closing up shop, and I have yet to acquire a new hosting job even though I am doing everything in my power to do so. This blows. I might have to start PAYING for AOL again. And that would just be uncivilized.

I am off to acquire ingredients to start the massive baking spree for the upcoming holiday. I have received several new cool Pagan recipes for this holiday and will be noding them later.