This is a song by Ween, from the album The Pod.

Generally speaking, this song is enjoyable, but it sounds as though the song itself has gotten high, rather than just its performers and/or its mixer/recorder/whatever. First off, it mentions food a lot, and it makes no sense, and it's kind of mellow but in that slightly disturbing weird way.

give me a pork roll egg and cheese,
if you please,
with some gravy fries.
Sink into a greasy mega-weedge and I sneezed
and it blew my mind.

In this song, you hear the mentioning of "pork roll egg and cheese"; this seems to be a theme in this particular album. Much of this song is made up by distorted guitar between the first verse and the second. This sounds slowed down too; that seemed to be Ween's favorite toy at this stage of their musical career.

I do not know who Frank is.

This song is © 1991 by Ween, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp/Ver Music/Browndog Music/BMI.

The Pod
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