We all know that when you dial those 1-800 sex numbers, you aren't really talking to a couple of hot lesbians that wanna torture you with their dildo. More than likely it's some bored housewife talking to you while doing the laundry. They'll tell you anything- "ooh yeah, it's so big!", ah huh.

Imagine my surprise when I try out some of these numbers in Japan.
This is how it works. Men get the numbers from the back of pornographic magazines (nothing unusual so far), but women also call these services. They get the phone numbers from packets of tissues handed out daily in front of train stations. The men have to pay(of course), something like 10,000 yen for 80 minutes of telephone time. The women can call for as long as they want for free.

Each one of these telephone sex companies has an amazing array of categories to choose from. Each category has its own number to call. Some of the categories might be, 'rich old men looking for office lady', 'pregnant women looking for a fuck', 'water sports', 'scatology' and so forth. you select the category you like and call the number. Now you have a number of choices. You can listen to messages left by members of the opposite sex:an example of one from the pregnant line, "I'm 27 and 8 months pregnant and live in the Nagoya area. If anybody would be interested in someone like me with this huge belly, I'm free on weekdays until 4 pm."
Or you can leave your own message. Alternatively, if you know the ID number of the person you are looking for, you can record and send your own message to them.

Then you wait, check your messages, play phone tag for a bit, and then eventually one of you leaves your number in the other's message box, and you get in touch. Now you aren't charged anymore. You call your new friend at the arranged time and either have phone sex at your leisure or arrange to meet. People sometimes arrange to meet after having phone sex a number of times.

One time I was feeling adventurous and called the line called 'Mean housewives looking for subservient young men'. It was my first time in this role so I wasn't too sure what was expected of me. I thought that she would lead me. I finally hook up with some woman and we start chatting. She's already quite worked up and breathing very heavily into the phone. She tells me to look at her. I tell her I am. Then she says, "look at my pussy." I say that I am looking at it and it is quite beautiful to look at. She snaps at me that no it isn't, it's black and dirty. That's when I realize that I've probably come into the wrong category. But now I'm stuck, I don't want to be rude to this (sick) woman. What can I do? I ended up having to sit there for the next 30 minutes and listen to how dirty her pussy was. It wasn't very fun for me, but I suppose when you are talking to a real person and not a professional who is supposed to say whatever you want to hear, that is the price that you pay.